Founding Farmers DC Partners with DC High Schools to Host Hospitality & Culinary Interns

Founding Farmers DC has partnered with Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in a DC school to host paid high school interns in our restaurants.  

Chosen students participate in programs at their schools that are based in hospitality & culinary arts. Potential interns are interviewed and then “hired.” They complete a comprehensive 13-week program, commencing with an orientation on the first day and continuous learning throughout the duration of their internship. Founding Farmers DC currently hosts students from Roosevelt High School but are looking for other schools in the District to partner with.  

Our internship program provides opportunities to students that aren’t always offered in traditional school curriculums. Student interns are provided with hands-on job training and mentorship from industry professionals. They gain insights into the world of teamwork, responsibility, punctuality, effective communication, and problem-solving skills from their colleagues and Farmers Restaurant Group employees. Most importantly, these students are free to explore any aspect of the hospitality industry that interests them so they can figure out potential career paths.  

Our high school internship program is an example of how Farmers Restaurant Group is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of leaders and changemakers in the culinary and hospitality industries. We are firm believers in the power of community and nurturing these connections lies at the heart of our company philosophy. 

One of our star interns, DeAnna Mozee, who is starting her 5th internship with FFDC, has been honing her culinary skills in prep and pastry. She won first place at the ProStart Student Invitational Culinary Competition and was featured on a local news channel. Farmers Restaurant Group also sponsored DeAnna as she competed in the Skills USA: National Skills and Leadership Conference in Atlanta by providing her with funds to make the trip, as well as baking supplies for the competition. DeAnna is curious about other positions in the restaurant industry and has recently begun learning more about guest relations and the front desk, which she said has helped immensely with her confidence.   

“Participating in the CTE program this year has been an eye-opening experience. Having the ability to work in a real work environment while also having the security and support of the internship has really helped me become more comfortable with how it feels to work in a professional setting. Working with Founding Farmers, and everyone associated with the Farm, has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone in the restaurant was extremely welcoming and did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable,” says DeAnna. 

She added, “I think the CTE program is an amazing opportunity for students across the District, and it is something that should be continued for many years to come. Providing students with a safe place to work and gain job experience is a great addition to our school system and another step towards preparing kids for a successful future.” 

To learn more about our internship program’s impact on the community, watch this video created by the American Experience Foundation. 

Four of the talented interns who have participated in Founding Farmers DC’s internship program celebrated their success in the ProStart Student Invitational Culinary Competition. From left to right: Mahamadul Hasan, Yony Paz, Chef James Wiggins (holding the trophy), Herberth Zeyala, and DeAnna Mozee.