Dan Simons Talks Restaurant Industry Business & Trends with NOVA Chamber of Commerce

Dan Simons, Co-Owner of Farmers Restaurant Group, was invited to speak at a luncheon yesterday at the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce. He was asked to speak about the direction of the restaurant industry, the challenges of growing a successful brand, how they attract and retain top talent, and what keeps him up at night.

Simons said the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce knows how to pack a room, and the event was lively and interesting. Discussion topics had a wide range. Of note, there was interest in macro trends in the restaurant business, such as immigration and staffing, as well as the potential impact of driverless cars on the economics of delivery. There was discussion around the future of the industry and the apparent impending doom for the legacy chains in the casual dining space. There was also a fairly detailed conversation about how to create restaurant experiences that truly impact the guest and create memories.

Jon Norton, CEO of Great American Restaurants, was also invited to speak. They jointly fielded questions from the audience. Simons enjoyed hearing Norton’s perspectives.

The Northern Virginia Chamber represents nearly 700 companies and approximately 500,000 jobs throughout the region. They support business development, advocacy, and corporate responsibility.