Coffee & Chocolate Gift Box


Enjoy Founding Farmers Friendship Blend Coffee with two new Founding Farmers Chocolate treats, our Founding Farmers Chocolate Dipped Biscotti and a thick and dreamy chocolate mocha ganache to make chocolate mocha coffee. All of our coffee and chocolate is thoughtfully sourced and handcrafted in house.

Gift Box Includes:

  • Founding Farmers Friendship Blend Coffee (8oz, whole bean) – Always working to close the gap between farmers and our food & drink, we source high-quality, traceable coffee beans from independent farmers around the world and roast them in-house using the state-of-the-art, zero-emissions Bellwether Roaster. The result is an exceptional, seasonal selection of Founding Farmers Roasted Coffee. Our Friendship Blend combines Central and South American coffees to create what a very drinkable and delicious balanced cup of coffee.
  • Founding Farmers Chocolate Dipped Biscotti (1/2 lb) – Our already delicious scratch-made biscotti – made with anise, almonds, pistachios, and dried cherries – is now even better. Dipped in our 60% Classic Dark Founding Farmers Chocolate, which has no artificial ingredients and no fillers. We think it makes the perfect treat to dunk into our house-roasted coffee and all by itself. We’re certain you won’t be able to eat just one.  Sharing is recommended, but not required.
  • Founding Farmers Chocolate Mocha Ganache for Coffee (8 oz) – One spoonful of our unique chocolate mocha ganache that we craft in our Founding Farmers Chocolate shop will make your favorite cup o’ Joe even better. Now you can bring the artisan taste of chocolate mocha coffee into your own kitchen – day or night.  There is never a wrong time to mix coffee and chocolate. Some of our favorite recipes are below – try ‘em both, find your favorite, or create your own!


Please note: Our from-scratch kitchen includes an active bakery where nuts, wheat, and dairy products are used in a wide range of recipes. We strongly recommend individuals with severe allergies susceptible to cross-contact do not eat our food.

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