Chocolate Lovers Gift Box


Artisan, hand-crafted chocolates using thoughtfully sourced ingredients including American family-owned & operated Guittard­ chocolate. All Founding Farmers Chocolate has what we believe to be the perfect melt. Smooth, delicious, and never waxy. We use no fillers or artificial ingredients. Our Chocolate Lovers gift box is two pounds of our Founding Farmers Chocolate Bark in our favorite percentage and ingredient combinations.

Gift Box Includes:

  • French Crunch Classic Milk Chocolate Bark (1/2 lb) – Known to some of us in-house as fancy feuilletine, we combine our classic milk chocolate with pieces of crisp, lightly sweetened crepes for a delightful crunch. We think you will agree it has that perfect je ne sais quoi.
  • Virginia Peanut 50% Dark Milk Chocolate Bark (1/2 lb) – Our 50% Dark Milk Chocolate pleases both dark and milk chocolate lovers. Add roasted peanuts from family-owned and operated, Belmont Peanuts located in nearby Virginia, and you get peanut-y, chocolate-y goodness… perhaps we should call it our Ms. Greatbar?
  • Almond 60% Classic Dark Chocolate Bark (1/2 lb) – A tried and true favorite, our 60% Classic Dark Chocolate combined with lightly roasted almonds, is that bar you want in your cabinet, at your desk, and even by your bed.
  • Nothing but Chocolate 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bark (1/2 lb) – When you just want chocolate straight up, this bark is sure to please. Especially the dark chocolate lover. It is both simple and decadent.


Please note: Our from-scratch kitchen includes an active bakery where nuts, wheat, and dairy products are used in a wide range of recipes. We strongly recommend individuals with severe allergies susceptible to cross-contact do not eat our food.

Please note: Due to the summer heat, this gift box is available for DC pick up only. It won’t be available for nationwide shipping until the fall, and we can make sure you won’t receive melted chocolate.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in