Another 3 Star Green Restaurant Certification for the Planet

Founding Farmers King of Prussia earned a 3 Star Certification from the Green Restaurant Association, joining all of its sibling restaurants in this important evaluation to keep our planet healthy. We achieved 206.14 GreenPoints™ by implementing 65 environmental steps across six categories, including food, water, energy, waste, disposables, furnishings and building, chemicals and pollution.

The Green Restaurant Association provides a detailed evaluation of all of our practices, and we continue to work every day to earn more. For example, our earth-friendly BioHiTech eco-safe digester, which we call our Pig, was not yet evaluated by the Green Restaurant Association, and we are certain it will earn us additional GreenPoints™.

Since sustainability is critical to our mission, we know we need to collaborate with outside experts, such as the Green Restaurant Association, to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make a difference today and into the future. Their guidelines and guidance provide precise pathways we can use to help us achieve more sustainable practices.

To understand where we are currently earning GreenPoints™ for our work in each restaurant, go to:

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