We’re dedicated to our people, our guests, and the American family farmer. Meet the leaders who continue to raise the bar, develop our teams, and grow the future. Farmers Restaurant Group also relies on a paid advisory group, our Council on Culture, with quarterly meetings to help guide us on human resources, employee relations, communication (internally and externally), career development, and our communities.

Christine Baker

Chief of Staff

Shanise Boyd

General Manager

Mary Carter

Managing Partner

Michael Estrada

Managing Partner

Nathan Fegely

Chief Financial Officer

David Ferguson

Managing Partner

Leah Browning Frankl

Creative Director, LEED AP

Joe Goetze

Managing Partner, Culinary & Bakery

Kendra Graves

Managing Partner

Lara Hardcastle

Senior Vice President, LEED AP

Jillian Heltzel

Vice President, Human Resources

Jeff Hylden

Managing Partner

Laura Kim

Managing Partner

Darragh Moore

Managing Partner

David Motycka

Managing Partner

Meaghan O’Shea

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Scott Siemianowski

General Manager

Dan Simons


Alexis Thury

Executive Project Manager

Paris Twyman

General Manager

Dawn Vileno

Managing Partner | Vice President

Mike Vucurevich


Mark Watne

Farmer, Owner, NDFU President