Bring our farmer-owned philosophy into your kitchen with The Founding Farmers Cookbook filled with traditional American dishes and farmhouse favorites. Featuring more than 100 different recipes, tips & hints from our chefs, profiles on some of our farm partners and purveyors, beautiful photography by Renée Comet, and fun infographics, this cookbook will quickly become one of your favorites!

Written in collaboration with Washington, D.C.-based writer Nevin Martell, The Founding Farmers Cookbook embraces our sustainably farmed philosophy and connection to regional influences, just like we serve in our restaurants every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all the recipes in the cookbook the actual recipes used in the restaurants?
  • Yes, all recipes are made in and served from our restaurant kitchens daily. Although for the cookbook, we’ve adjusted recipe-yield quantities to prove more compatible with the average home kitchen.
  • Are all of the recipes in the cookbook original?
  • Yes, all of our recipes are original and have been developed by our in-house culinary and bar & beverage teams for menus offered at all Farmers Restaurant Group restaurant locations.
  • How did you choose which recipes to include in the cookbook?
  • We wanted to provide readers with a good variety of our menu offerings by including a mix of our classic and best-selling dishes, as well as some of our chef and team member personal favorites.
  • I have an allergy/special dietary restriction (i.e. gluten-free, diabetic, low sodium, soy allergy, etc.). Can you suggest a variation for a specific recipe?
  • The recipes, as they appear in the cookbook, have been developed and perfected by our Farmers Restaurant Group and Founding Farmers culinary team. While we encourage you to be creative to fit within your needs or preferences, we cannot guarantee that any substitutions or alterations, which are not part of our original recipes, will ensure the intended result.