COVID-19 – Health, Safety, and Hospitality

In this video message, Co-Owner Dan Simons shares our perspective as we serve our guests and our neighborhoods, and care for our staff, during these unsettling times.

The well-being of our guests and our team members is always our number one priority. Our routine best practices include everything currently being advised by the CDC and other health officials. We are stricter than ever with all of our sanitation and safety practices, enhancing our protocols, retraining team members, and increasing our communications. We want you to know the measures we are specifically taking across our restaurants to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep our guests, our team, our restaurants, and our communities as safe as we possibly can. This is a partial list, but gives insight into the kind of operation we run:


  • We are monitoring and following recommendations from the CDC, the WHO, and our local health departments and government agencies.
  • We employ two full-time health, safety, and sanitation professionals who work across all of our restaurants and are reinforcing and refining all of our company protocols.
  • We continue to make proper handwashing a number one priority, as it is the most effective way to prevent the spread of illness. We enforce using soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • We have installed new hand sanitizer stations upon entry to our restaurants for guests and team members.
  • We have added the use of a disinfectant certified by the EPA against Coronaviruses.
  • We maintain the highest cleaning and disinfecting protocols for all shared surfaces in both the dining areas and kitchens, including our workstations and credit card readers, menus, door handles, counters and tables, edges of tables, chair backs, cooking equipment, and all other high-touch points. We are training our team to also follow a “flow of guest” pattern in their cleaning and disinfecting.
  • We’ve removed other high-touch items we cannot disinfect properly, like our leather check holders.
  • We’ve taken our salt and pepper grinders off of the tables to be provided upon request, and they are sanitized after each guest.
  • For guests who want to clean their own dining area, we are providing alcohol wipes in a small dispenser pack.
  • Our teams are continuing to evaluate our restrooms and wash stations hourly to ensure that we have enough supplies stocked for proper handwashing, and that they are clean and sanitized. 
  • Additional care is being used at this time for guest silverware. Team members are not only washing hands but are also wearing gloves to roll silverware and napkins for the extra barrier.
  • Servers will now bring any leftover boxes to the guest so they may box their own food from their plate.
  • We continue to be vigilant and reinforce our company policies for employee personal items to be clean and sanitized at all times. This includes cell phones, laptops, and purse and backpack straps.


  • We are reducing some of our dine-in tables and bar stools to create more social distancing wherever possible and spacing out the seating of our tables to align with the recommended protocol of social distancing.
  • Our restaurants in the DMV area will replace brunch buffets with a great a la carte breakfast served directly to your table.
  • We are offering free delivery orders (through DoorDash and Uber Eats) and reinforcing the seal on our delivery bags to prevent tampering.
  • At Founding Farmers King of Prussia, under the guidance of the Pennsylvania Health Department, we are currently serving our full menu through curbside pick up and delivery. Dine-in service for our guests in PA is not available.


  • We are all being vigilant about our own wellness and encouraging everyone to take care of themselves and each other. We are paying close attention to the mental health and morale of our team, given the rising concerns about COVID-19 and the economy.
  • We have robust support in place for mental health and wellness needs, and this remains a serious focus for us.
  • Qualified full-time employees have access to healthcare, we have other wellness initiatives available to everyone, and we are making sure our team members are aware of these benefits.
  • We’re reinforcing to our team that they must stay home if they are sick or feeling unwell and report their symptoms to their manager. Company employees (hourly and salaried) accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) from their first day of hire, which we are encouraging they use during this time, as needed. If they don’t have PTO available, they have been asked to reach out to HR for assistance. We are working to ensure their financial concerns do not outweigh health concerns in their decision-making.

While we can’t know what tomorrow will bring, we are doing our best today to serve our guests. We will remain open in our restaurants and for delivery. Please let us know how we can serve you and if there is anything else you need from us during this time. As an independent, farmer-owned company, we are grateful for your support and loyalty. We will continue to be as transparent and communicative as we can, while we all make our way through this together. Please reach out to us HERE if you have thoughts or concerns.