COVID-19 Health & Safety Dashboard

At Farmers Restaurant Group, safety and transparency have always been paramount in our operations. When COVID-19 hit our region, we responded quickly with adapted protocols and enhanced safety measures. We have continued to share these efforts with our guests.

Our COVID-19 Health & Safety Dashboard was first released August 12, 2020 and has been updated regularly here throughout the pandemic. We intend our March 1, 2022 COVID Dashboard to be our final post. We publish it with great thanks to our safety team, led by Keysi Torres, our Food Safety & Culture Systems Manager. Of course, we will continue to stay vigilant in all of our health and safety efforts, following local government regulations and recommendations from the CDC, as well as innovations in science. We also continue to educate our employees and encourage COVID-19 vaccination and boosters.

We believe our efforts – as well as sharing them – are helping to keep all of us as safe as possible. We promise we are prepared to return to posting the impact of our work should we have to battle another surge of COVID-19.

FRG Covid Dashboard Graphic_3.3.2022