Behind Our Thanksgiving Turkeys: Jaindl Farms

Turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day (and for many, on Christmas too), and the quality of your turkey matters, which is why at Founding Farmers we are proud to serve Jaindl Farms turkeys from Allentown, Pennsylvania in our restaurants and on our special holidays at home menus.  

Family owned and operated for over 85 years, Jaindl Farms is known for raising the gold standard of holiday turkeys. They control every step of the process for raising turkeys from hatching through distribution. Their meticulous oversight on this process, and the overall care and quality of life they provide for the turkeys, is how Jaindl has achieved a reputation for providing some of the finest turkeys on the market.  

Like many family-owned farms, the Jaindls are in it for the long haul with a commitment to the land and their communities, or as they say: “Decades of turkey farming have taught us to respect the earth we live and thrive upon. The land gives back its truest reward when you give into it. Take care of it.” As a mission-driven, sustainably operated restaurant company, we always look to partner with farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to the environment. Jaindl practices what they preach by implementing initiatives such as using solar energy, crop rotation, and green space to preserve and honor the land they farm.  

As a farmer-owned restaurant group, we are also dedicated to uplifting the American family farmer and giving them a larger share of the food dollar. Like the North Dakota Farmers Union, Jaindl Farms represents the best of American family farmers, and it’s an honor to work directly with the families that help feed us during the holiday season. All of this, combined with the most delicious turkeys we have ever served, is why we trust Jaindl Farms with our Thanksgiving turkeys. 

This year, our Thanksgiving and Christmas at Home menus will feature a raw, spatchcocked half turkey that is ready to be easily roasted at home, in your kitchen at your convenience, atop a bed of carrots, celery, onions, and rosemary served with our black pepper sage gravy.  


For those looking to dine with us during the holidays, you have the option to enjoy a roasted Jaindl turkey in our restaurants. We encourage you to make a reservation as soon as possible as our tables are filling up.  


 We also have a Thanksgiving to go menu featuring roasted Jaindl turkey that you will be able to pre-order directly through our website.  


These Jaindl turkeys are the real deal, but don’t just take our word for it – take the White House’s! For the past 50 years, Jaindl Farms turkeys have been the chosen turkeys served each year at the White House on Thanksgiving.  

To learn more about how you can enjoy a Jaindl Farms turkey in our restaurants or at home this holiday season, please visit our Thanksgiving blog. For more information on Jaindl Farms, please visit their website, and for more information about our ongoing sustainability efforts please visit our sustainability page.