We Like It Smoky & Fresh: Our New Smoked Salmon Is Both

Founding Farmers has an exciting new partnership with Chesapeake Smokehouse, and our new smoked salmon dishes are here to prove it. We have honestly never tasted such fresh and flavorful smoked salmon, and we are pretty sure you will agree.

Chesapeake Smokehouse uses ancient European curing and smoking methods in small batches with a recipe of applewood, fallen oak, and hickory. For them, just like for us, sustainability matters. We think you can taste the difference. They source their salmon from some of the finest and most sustainable, eco-friendly farms and hold their suppliers to the highest standards. Their preserving process is made to order for each of their clients from the freshest salmon available. It is never frozen, never wrapped in plastic, and never vacuum packed.

Chesapeake Smokehouse Smoked Salmon has an unmatched depth of flavor. It is smoky, for sure, but also has a very delicate, fresh taste. Frankly, it is a bit hard to describe. You just have to taste it.

And you can. Our Founding Farmers restaurants are using the Chesapeake Smokehouse Smoked Salmon. MoCo’s Founding Farmers is serving a very tasty, and super popular, Smoked Salmon Farm Bread that also includes goat cheese, capers, asparagus, and egg salad. For breakfast and brunch, they are also serving a Smoked Salmon Benedict. Founding Farmers Tysons is serving Devil-ish Eggs Seafood Combo with Smoked Salmon.

Come on over for a food experience that is truly special, and likely very different from any smoked salmon you may have ever tasted. If possible, we always recommend making reservations.