MoCo’s Founding Farmers hosts Severna Park High School

A delicious and informative breakfast for SPHS's Signature Program students.

This month, a group of bright high school students from Severna Park High School’s Signature program joined us for breakfast at MoCo’s Founding Farmers. The students arrived early and prepared themselves for a delicious breakfast with a side of the history and success of Farmers Restaurant Group. Excited to learn all about what allows us to continue to grow and remain a sustainable business – this class was in for a treat!

The Signature Program at SPHS connects the students enrolled with all different types of businesses.  This connection allows the students to learn ‘real-world’ scenarios, and brings a fresh sense of relevance to each course module. Their most current course module focused on green sustainable business practices — that’s where we come in!  Our team discussed every aspect of the business with the class – from the day to day operations, day parts, and sales, to the mission of Farmers Restaurant Group, as well as marketing & branding, digital communications, and finally to the exciting future of the company as a whole!  It was a fantastic event which allowed our team to support our youth community and teach them how Farmers Restaurant Group continues to work together as a team to be green, and grow sustainably.