This fun and educational children’s book was created by our farmer owners, the North Dakota Farmers Union, in partnership with author and illustrator, Dana Sullivan. We are delighted to be able to share this story and offer a glimpse into the daily lives of American family farmers.

Our Family Farm is a 34-page, oversized, hardcover book that tells the story of the Rhodes family farm where multi-generations work together to feed livestock and grow crops. Each page includes lively, colorful illustrations of farm life and animals that kids will love, including all sorts of trucks & tractors, each with its own name and personality.

Our co-owner and president of the North Dakota Farmers Union, Mark Watne, says Our Family Farm is, “One of the many tools we’re using to educate the public about the importance of family-farm agriculture, not only in North Dakota, but also across our great nation.” As a farmer-owned company, we are always looking for ways to support American family farmers.

All proceeds from the purchase of this book will go directly to the North Dakota Farmers Union Foundation, which supports local youth education programs.

$16.95 plus tax + shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age range for Our Family Farm readers?
  • Our Family Farm is recommended for children ages 3-7.
  • Where can I buy Our Family Farm ?
  • Our Family Farm is available for purchase through our website. Some of our restaurants may also have copies, depending on current availability. Please inquire with our host when dining in any of our restaurants.
  • Who is Dana Sullivan?
  • Dana Sullivan is an author and illustrator who has written and illustrated many children’s books, including: Ozzie and the Art Contest, Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari, and My Red Velvet Cape. He’s illustrated the Digger and Daisy early reader series, the BodyOpolis series, and one of the Buddy Files mysteries. He is based in Seattle.
  • What is the North Dakota Farmers Union?
  • The North Dakota Farmers Union co-owns Farmers Restaurant Group and all of our restaurants. As an innovative and cooperative organization, the North Dakota Farmers Union provides a network of educational programs, services, and events that benefit farmers, ranchers, and rural communities and works to enhance legislation that supports agriculture and family farmers.