Show Your Sweet Side with Founding Farmers Tysons Valentine’s Day Confections

Get your Valentine's Day Confections TODAY from Founding Farmers Tysons

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? It tends to sneak up every year. But, we’ve got you covered. In the form of delicious, homemade confections.

Our Founding Farmers Tysons pastry team has crafted a special Valentine’s Day Confections menu to help show your sweet side this February 14th.

Made with love for all the loves of your life, our Founding Farmers Tysons Valentine’s Day Confections are meant to be indulgent, amazingly yummy sweet treats:

French Macaroons

  • Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream
  • Champagne with champagne buttercream
  • Strawberry with chocolate strawberry ganache
  • Raspberry with raspberry buttercream
  • Vanilla Bean with vanilla bean buttercream

$2 each; ½ dozen $10; one dozen $20; two dozen $40


  • Milk chocolate covered pretzels*
  • White chocolate raspberry truffles
  • Chocolate strawberry truffles
  • Chocolate cherry truffles

*$5 per bag. truffles: box of 3: $10; box of 6: $20

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

$3 each; ½ dozen $15; one dozen $30


  • Reese’s peanut butter: chocolate pastry cream, chocolate ganache, Reese’s chunks
  • Café au Lait: espresso pastry cream, milk glaze, chocolate espresso beans
  • Red Velvet: chocolate pastry cream, cream cheese glaze, red velvet crumbles

$4 each; ½ dozen $24

Now available! Order online for in-store pickup or stop by Founding Farmers Tysons anytime to purchase in person.  Order in any combination you select, from one piece to any number of pairings you choose.