Spring Clean Up on The Potomac

Our Last Straw and Founding Farmers joined our friends at the Alice E. Ferguson Foundation on Saturday for their annual Potomac River Watershed Clean Up

A local spring tradition since 1989, this year’s focus was single-use beverage containers. As a company, we can feel confident that we haven’t contributed to this litter. We are committed every day to not using single-use bottles. We have been saying no to plastic water bottles since day one by filtering our own water and giving it to guests free of charge, flat or sparkling. We also make all our sodas from scratch and serve a large selection of draft beer through our in-house beer program specially designed to align with our everything matters mission. 

We are continually working hard to eliminate other garbage littering our streets and shorelines, including the plastic straw ban that is now in place across DC. Many don’t understand how something as small as a plastic straw can matter, but they add up. Last year, Ferguson collected over 9,700 plastic straws – in one day.

Our Last Straw’s education mascot, Eddy the Turtle, was at this year’s annual clean up, helping out and taking note of how many plastic straws were recovered from the shores at the Ferguson’s Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center and neighboring Piscataway Park. The counts haven’t been completed, as there were too many. Yet, the Ferguson team is hopeful, noting that there appeared to be fewer straws and bottles than last year, crediting the work of Our Last Straw and DC’s plastic straw ban.