That’s the Spirit! Delicious Holiday Cocktails

FFRye_LeahFranklAt Farmers Restaurant Group, one of our most successful elements and appealing programs at the restaurants is the bar & beverage program, which includes expertly prepared classic cocktails for our guests, but particularly to enjoy as they celebrate the holidays with friends and family in the warm embrace of the restaurants.

From festive punch to warm, wintery concoctions, here are some of our favorite holiday-centric cocktails and beverages that will surely bring some seasonal spirit to any festive gathering.

Winter Punch is a different way to add a little island flair to your holiday with a full-bodied, rich rum punch blending spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and anise, with fresh citrus and your favorite sparkling wine. The sweetness of the rum mixes well with the added layer of spices (hint: use an aged, spiced rum of choice for ease), and the slight dryness of the wine pulls it all together.

A ‘Flip’ is a class of cocktail that traditionally features: an emulsified egg, sugar, spice (for seasonal flair think nutmeg and ginger), and a spirit of choice such as bourbon, brandy, cognac, or sherry. This time of year, using bourbon as your spirit plays well with the cocktail’s spices because of the natural vanillin notes. We use our Founding Farmers Rye Whisky!

Hot Buttered Rum is essentially just as it sounds: rum, butter, sugar, spices (such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla), and hot water. This satisfying, soothing cocktail is perfect for sipping with family and friends, especially around a fireplace or fire pit.

The Vieux Carré hails from New Orleans’ French Quarter and features cognac, rye whiskey, Benedictine liqueur, and amaro (an Italian herbal liqueur). It’s quite the cocktail: sweet, bitter, smooth, and subtly spiced, guaranteed to warm up any frosty disposition.

And for those non-imbibers, we suggest: warm, unpasteurized cider. With the most popular of this freshly pressed juice variety being apple cider, we love the idea of making it your own by mixing in muddled fresh fruit such as an assortment of berries, pomegranates and/or pears to create a unique blend. Cheers!