The Food Dollar

Helping American Family Farmers Get More From the Food Dollar

American family farmers work hard. They are the bedrock of this country. Yet, they get a very small portion of the food dollar spent. In fact, on average, farmers get 17 cents for every dollar Americans spend on food. This means when you grocery shop or go to a restaurant, only 17% of what you spend goes back to the farmers that grow your food. This has drastically decreased in the past 50 years, and American family farms are bearing a large burden.

At Farmers Restaurant Group, owners and operators of the popular Founding Farmers and sibling restaurants, Farmers Fishers Bakers and Farmers & Distillers, we are working to change that, in our restaurants and beyond. Because we are farmer-owned, our model works to not only give our guests food that is closer to the land and our farmers, but also give our farmers a larger portion of the money spent on food. We are working to reverse the trend of American family farmers getting less.

In this video, learn more from owner Dan Simons about the American food dollar, and why we are farmer-owned.