Virginia Vines Rosé Has Arrived!

Our Farmers Restaurant Group proprietary line of spirits is expanding to include wine. Introducing our Virginia Vines Rosé.

Virginia Vines Rosé joins our Farmers Restaurant Group family of proprietary beverages.

This refreshing, light, and balanced rosé is handcrafted in Madison, VA by our very own Beverage Director Jon Arroyo in partnership with the talented team of winemakers at Early Mountain Vineyards.

Celebrating that Vintners are Farmers™, our Virginia Vines Rosé is steeped in Virginia tradition as a product of the lush Early Mountain Vineyards landscape. Full of beautiful orchards and gardens, their commitment to preserving their bountiful ecosystem is rooted in the correlation between soil, climate, and grape.

We’re thrilled to partner with the EMV team, as their sustainable agriculture views are aligned with our company philosophy of doing all we can to do more good and less harm to our planet. We hope you enjoy our latest product of that philosophy … our Virginia Vines Rosé.