Working with Last Call for Food to Feed Our Communities

Farmers Restaurant Group has expanded our partnership with Last Call for Food to help feed our communities during COVID-19.

Since April 23rd, we have served more than 300 affordable meals to the homebound elderly across Northern Virginia and DC, as well as homeless populations in Ward 8. According to Last Call for Food founder and CEO, Erin McGeoy, our collaboration is, “providing a lot of hope across our communities.”

Originally launched as a resource for college students experiencing regular bouts of food insecurity, Last Call for Food has served more than 600 affordably priced meals to college students. Now, their goal of creating an equitable food system to feed at-risk groups and raising funds to sponsor meals from local restaurants is focused on supporting our most vulnerable community members during this pandemic.

Working with Last Call for Food is one of the many efforts we have put in place in order to serve our communities during COVID-19. We are also partnering with World Central Kitchen to provide 2,000 freshly prepared and packaged meals per week to families across DC.