Farmers & Distillers Is Now Open!

Exciting news for Farmers Restaurant Group! We are thrilled to announce that our newest addition to our collection of farmer-owned restaurants, Farmers & Distillers  (600 Massachusetts Avenue), is set to open in November of 2016!

Farmers & Distillers will embody the true enterprising spirit of the original founding father, George Washington.  He experimented with progressive farming techniques at his Mount Vernon estate, and established what became the largest distillery in America at the turn of the 18th century. 

Farmers & Distillers will showcase our line of craft spirits, Founding Spirits, and beer taps that will feature only DC, Maryland, and Virginia brewed beers.

Every decision of Farmers & Distillers was pulled through the filter of “What would George do?” be it with flavor, plate ware, cooking technique, or design. From Chinese Fried Chicken to homemade ice cream, the menu will truly have something for everyone. 

See the press release to learn more!