Founding Farmers & Sweet Virginia Buzz Over to Ross Elementary School

Last Friday, June 2nd, Founding Farmers paired up with Sweet Virginia to pay a visit to Ross Elementary School in Washington, D.C. We wanted to share everything we know about honey bees and their importance in our lives with their pre-K class.

Sweet Virginia’s Jacqueline Hogg taught the kids all about the different stages of life of honey bees, how they make honey, and a little bit about their importance in the growth of so many of the fruits and vegetables we all love, and that our parents tell us are good for us. She also taught them the important life lesson of how to properly escape a bee sting: “bee” nice and do not hit the bees!

Our Founding Farmers team provided the class with our famous skillet cornbread dipped in honey butter, and together we all made apple nachos with slices of fresh apples, drizzled with honey, and topped with our Founding Farmers scratch-made granola. The kids loved every bite and were so excited to take their knowledge about honey bees, honey, and healthy snacks back home to their friends and family. Our team was equally delighted to have a field trip and get a chance to meet some local kids.

Founding Farmers has been working in partnership with Sweet Virginia, located in nearby Nokesville, VA, on our shared mission to protect the earth’s honey bees, not just for the sake of the delicious honey we use in our food, but to preserve the diversity of our food sources and the planet. Sweet Virginia focuses on educating children about the lifecycle of honey bees and the critical role they play in pollinating plants, fruits, and vegetables, and the impact they have on our environment. Founding Farmers also supports local apiaries, including George Washington University Undergraduate Honey Bee Research and Beekeeping.